Use of the School Library as a Knowledge Portal for School Children


Introducing Dekkid
"Use of the School Library as a Knowledge Portal for School Children

This website, DEKKID is specially for school libraries in Thailand. The original idea comes from the IFLA/UNESCO "Regional Workshop on School Library Services in Southeast Asia” held in 2003.

Considering the impact of ICT, school librarians are encouraged to acquire relevant ICT skills to help teachers and students in their search for knowledge. Providing appropriate materials and training to school librarians to enable them to urgently perform their function and services more efficiently and effectively are urgently required. A project to compile relevant materials to create a portal for secondary school teachers and students to support their teaching and learning with Thai content was proposed by TLA/ILIS.

This project which is essentially to promote information literacy in schools received financial support from UNESCO. As the first phase of the project, a working group from Sripatum University library, the media center and lecturers met to plan, select four subjects and develop their contents. The four subjects selected were English, Science, Social Science, and Thai language.

To introduce Dekkid, there are 10 Ts to keep in mind for using this knowledge portal which are as follows:

1. Tank of Knowledge

2. Take Turns (Share what you read)

3. Talk to kids

4. Training

5. Test (Fast reading)

6. Techniques (Searching skills)

7. Tools (Library catalog)

8. Toys (Games)

9. Tips (Your knowledge)

10. Think factory

It is expected that this knowledge portal will be a guide for school librarians to promote information literacy in schools by using ICT skills, and to meet the objectives of the project which are:

1. To increase access to information and knowledge by secondary school teachers and students.

2. To develop a knowledge portal.

3. To produce a training kit in print and CD-ROM

4. To train school librarians to use this knowledge portal and how to search information in cyberspace effectively.

5. To support librarians to enhance their capacity in using the knowledge portal and improve their search skills.

The official grand opening of the knowledge portal for school libraries " and” will be in December 2, 2005 at the Media Center of Sripatum University.